M. W Marek Paris company was created in March 2008. Marek was an apprentice at Lemarie, and afterwards he worked for Erik Halley as a jewellery and accessorise stylist. He had also taken part in creating for fashion shows for Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler, Ungaro and Julian Mcdonald. After 3 years of working for Stella Cadente as a jewellery and accessorise creator, Marek began his co-operation with Daniel Swarovski. Nature is his main source of inspiration. When creating his jewellery Marek uses metals, chains, crystals and feathers, which he transfers in such a way that they have a paradoxical and unique look. All his creations are hand made in his Parisian workshop.

Stages :LEMARIE André : plumassier HAUTE COUTURE 103, rue du Faubourg Saint Denis-75010 Paris. HOGUET : Eventail Musée Restauration 2 boulevard de Strasbourg-75010 Paris.
1996-1997 ERIK HALLEY
creating and making of jewellery and accessorize; creating and making of jewellery and accessorize for the following fashion shows: Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, Julian Mac Donald, Chanel and Thierry Mugler insect show; creating jewellery (butterflies) for Bjork, creating feather earrings for David Bowie for The Perfect Word video clip.
creating and making of jewellery (fashion show, boutiques), creation of jewellery for Chanel fashion house.
creating jewellery for a fashion show taking place in Royal Palace, Warsaw, 20 November 2000. Creating jewellery for actress Stephanie Powers.
2001 - jusqu’à présent
Daniel Swarovski creating jewellery and accessorize, Crystal gown for Runway Rock Paris Couture show, January 2006; Clio Top gown for the Bridal Collection Love & Light 2007.